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The Organ Donor Foundation is the national umbrella body for the promotion of organ and tissue donation. We actively plan and implement education and publicity programmes that are designed to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation with the aim being to prime individuals towards consent.

\The ODF is not a medical organization and plays no role in the allocation, or procurement, of organs. We receive no funding from government and rely entirely on our own fundraising initiatives and generous donations from corporates and individuals to support our work.

Why organ and tissue donation is so important

In South Africa, thousands of people including babies, children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and extended family and loved ones are desperately waiting for an organ or tissue transplant.

The biggest challenge is that even though there are thousands of people needing a transplant, very few families say YES to organ and tissue donation after a loved one has died and therefore only a few of the people desperately waiting for a transplant, receive one.

Did you know that?

1 organ donor can save the lives of 7 people.
1 tissue donor can save the life of 1 person and can improve the lives of up to 50 people.

How do I become a donor?

The process is straightforward, takes a few minutes of your time and costs nothing. Register online at or call the Organ Donor Foundation’s toll free line on 0800 22 66 11. You do not need to undergo any medical examinations or tests.

The ODF will send you an organ donor card to carry in your wallet. We will also send you a sticker to put on your ID document and on your driver’s license. It is very important to discuss the decision with your family. Let them know that you want to donate your organs / tissue after death. Ask them to honour your wish when you die.

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between dependence and independence for the visually impaired by providing specialised training in an environment focusing on the needs and development of persons living with visual loss.

We promise to take you from as far as your fingers can reach to as far as you dare to dream

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